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Hi! I'm Ruben. I like to build really cool stuff. I most frequently build apps for the Web, iOS, and Android. I am primarily interested using technology to augment people's daily experiences, as well as in streamlining the way people interact with information. Most recently, I interned at Digett, a Web-Development company based out of San Antonio, where built a Ruby on Rails & Ember.JS app for an early-stage startup client. In 2013, I founded Dining with Strangers an interest-based social discovery app, localized to Bowdoin College, where I am a senior Computer Science Major and Visual Arts Minor. For more information about me, check out my resume or visit any of the links below.

P.S. I'm looking for a new place to call home after graduation. Interested in hiring a passionate developer? Get in touch!

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Software Projects

A small collection of various web software projects from over the past several years.


Social /Web/

Dining with Strangers is a responsive site, so the same HTML loaded on the desktop is also on mobile; all changes are stylistic. Fluid widths were used are used to adapt content to fit on any sized display, and scaled images are used in order to cut down bandwidth usage. The result is a minimalist interface our customers find both familiar and easy to browse. (Github)


Native /Platforms/

The WBOR app for iOS and Android provides a way for fans of WBOR 91.1FM to tune in to their favorite station while on-the-go. The iOS app was forked from a music streaming project, and the Android app was built from scratch. Both are live and available for download as of April 2014. A Chrome Webstore app was also built an made available. (Github)


Accessible /Design/

The HomeCheck website was created as Free and Open Source Software for the PeoplePlus program in Maine. The goal of the Daily Log is to be a simple and intuitive way for older people not too technologically savvy to be able to regularly enter and retrieve data from the HomeCheck system. Notice the large iconography and fonts, designed to be clear and readable. Tooltips are used heavily throughout so as to be self-documenting and provide assistance whenever needed by the user. (Google Code)


Life /On the Edge/

One of my favorite and most recent projects, Little Data is a web project built using the experimental WebRTC & Web Audio API. It grabs image data from a webcam and randomly selects points to transform into pitches that correlate with the wavelength of the color. I call it an experiment in artificial synesthesia, because it essentially allows you to hear the colors of the world around you. (Github)


Fast /But Powerful/

TextbookLoop (think Craigslist for textbooks) is a project I worked on with a team at MHacks Winter 2014. We had 36 hours to build out an idea; we each had very disparate talents, so I took on the role of front-end designer. My goal was to create a pleasant experience as quickly as possible, so for efficiency, I relied on frameworks such as Bootstrap and jQueryUI to do some of the heavy lifting. I designed the logo using a few icons from the Ionic Icons free and open-source project as well. (Github)


Business /Ready/

The Intresect Inc Project was meant to take in both People and Businesses and provide a simple interface for them to interact. Businesses could be looked up by category, and users would be able to leave reviews, answers polls, and in other ways interact with businesses. Businesses would in turn be able to get accurate demographic information, create ads to target users connected to their already existing audience, and even communicate with other businesses to form partnerships without ever having to leave the site.

Hardware Projects

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