Ruben Martinez Jr.

Entrepreneur, Developer, Technologist

About Me

Hi! I'm Ruben. I like to build cool stuff. I most frequently build apps for the Web and iOS. I am interested in using technology to augment people's daily experiences, as well as in streamlining the way people interact with information. Most recently, I interned at Digett, a web development company based out of San Antonio, where I built a Ruby on Rails & Ember.JS app for an early-stage startup client. In 2013, I founded Dining with Strangers an interest-based social discovery app, localized to my alma-mater, Bowdoin College. This summer, I will be an instructor with All-Star Code in New York City. Scroll down to read about my projects; for more information about me, check out my resume or find me via the social media links below.

P.S. I'm looking for a new place to call home after the summer. Need a passionate developer? Get in touch!